Impact stories

How Elderly App is used to offer frail patients entertaining content during their stay at St. Antonius Hospital

Brightfish’s BeagleBoxx Bedside solution at St. Antonius Hospital provides elderly patients with positive stimuli through entertaining and relaxing content on the Elderly App.

How to improve quality of life for patients with Intermittent Claudication using a smartphone

A smartphone accelerometer was used to investigate the feasibility of measuring disease-specific changes in the gait pattern of intermittent claudication patients.

Smartphone self-monitoring leads to a 38% reduction in rheumatologist consultations

Patient-initiated care supported by smartphone self-monitoring was non-inferior to usual care in terms of disease activity. It led to a 38% reduction in rheumatologist consultations at Reade.

How better insights into your patient journey can improve their quality of life

Ensuring that doctors have insights into patient journey can lead to better patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction rates at Sint Maartens Clinic.

We need to collect PROMs to improve treatments and patient experience

Insight & CarePath solutions not only help doctors to monitor the patient journey but also collect and view patient data to further improve their treatment at Ospedale San Raffaele (HSR).

How BeagleBoxx solutions help relieve the patients’ stress during a lengthy treatment

The solution at the Medical Center Leeuwarden offers patients various entertainment items such as games, TV, radio. This does not make dialysis treatment any easier, but it makes it much more bearable for patients.

How Brightfish reduced GGD’s administration burden from 8 to 2 hours for COVID-19 contact tracing

The solution also significantly helped reduce the time spent per case, and the amount of staff needed, reducing overall cost.

How do I engage and entertain my patients during four-hour dialysis treatment?

Dialysis Centre Beverwijk is part of the Nephrocare cooperation; it services patients with dialysis and nephrological care and faced the challenge of making the patient experience as pleasant as possible.

How BeagleBoxx transforms the patient experience at Zuyderland Medisch Centrum

To improve the patient experience the Brightfish team rolled out 500+ iPads in one location in 2 months and trained 400 staff members by getting them hands-on with the iPad mobile service.

The fastest way to encourage joint decision-making is with the Brightfish PROMs dashboards

To improve the quality of the patient care, LUMC uses Brightfish’s PROMs dashboard. Monique Baas, advisor of value-driven care, nurse and case manager, shares her view on the approach.