How do I engage and entertain my patients during four-hour dialysis treatment?

About the client

Dialysis Centre Beverwijk is part of the Nephrocare cooperation; it services patients with dialysis and nephrological care and faced the challenge of making the patient experience as pleasant as possible.


Patients spend four hours, on average, at a time during their dialysis and the centre struggled with constantly having to reconfigure television set settings after use and reconnecting universal remote controls without any help from the tools’ providers.

The Dialysis Centre Beverwijk reached out to Brightfish to help come up with a state-of-the-art entertainment and information solution provided by an organization known for its quick support and customer-centric focus.


BeagleBoxx, a Brightfish solution, was selected to take up the challenge. BeagleBoxx’s mission is to increase patients’ well-being while improving efficiency & effectiveness for both the patient and the care provider. In short, making the best possible patient experience a reality.

BeagleBoxx products are handy and simple to use. Patients intuitively know how the system works and my staff can easily get in touch with the Brightfish support desk to discuss any questions or requests.

Miriam Riksman, Office Manager Dialysis Centre Beverwijk

BeagleBoxx offered the Dialysis Centre a fully managed iPad, an all-inclusive lease, solution that consisted of:

  • Managed iPads with the BeagleBoxx patient application.
  • A fully integrated Mobile Device Management solution (Jamf)
  • Integrated, multi-iPad lockable charging and storing solution
  • Guided implementation ensuring minimum hassle for the Dialysis Centre

The following modules were included in the BeagleBoxx app:

  • Patient entertainment including live TV with over 30 channels
  • Broadcasting and games
  • Centre specific information
  • Internet access and access to Personal Health Records
  • Virtual wipe system to ensure no usage information from previous patients is accessible by next patients

To improve the patient experience, even more, Brightfish also included:

  • Screen protection – to prevent reflection of light in the room
  • Plastic iPad holders so patients could use the iPad hands-free
  • Silicone covers & headphones
  • Available helpdesk for any question or request regarding the iPad service during opening hours


Based on our quarterly quality reports, it has become clear that Dialysis Centre Beverwijk appreciates the service levels granted and is being cheered on by its patients for having an entertainment and information system that works as intended and gets the pain out of waiting. This way, it has achieved the objectives set out in the purchase process. Perhaps even more impactful is the feedback that the total patient experience is continuously improving, and staff feels unburdened. The next step with the Centre is to introduce this proven concept to other Centres within the Nephrocare group.

I’m very glad that patients can do everything with their iPads, but can’t make any lasting changes to the configuration. Previously I would spend several hours a time to reconfigure television systems after patients left the centre.

Miriam Riksman, Office Manager Dialysis Centre Beverwijk

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