Optimise clinical workflows with our Touch app

Use mobile technology to securely capture data at the most convenient place and time –  delivering a positive impact on patient experiences and your provision of care. 

Our Touch solution helps you to:

Use iPad solutions in waiting rooms in order to capture data from patients that are not engaging with you in outpatient settings.

Optimise medical workflows by dramatically improving the EMR data entry experience for your health care professionals.

Provide healthcare workers with direct insight into our BEDSIDE solutions, thus contributing to better patient experiences.

How does Touch work in practice?

The Touch app is enlisted to support mobile workflows in your clinic.

The Brightfish Touch app runs on hospital-owned and managed iPads and is iOS only.

The app access can be integrated into existing user directories managed by the customer.

Data is retrieved through APIs with other EMR systems in the environment.

Our Brightfish team will work closely with your departments to set up data reading formats that matter to you: from source systems, source data and structured overviews all the way to access rights.

The reporting function is configured with our survey module to reflect the data entry needs of your organisation. 

Modern data entry options are also available on our iPad solution.

  • Use iPads in single app mode to support patients in the waiting room.
  • Use the iPad camera to take pictures and annotate them for future reference.
  • Scan documents and download them into your medical archiving systems.

    Everything is modular and can be tailored to your needs.

Are you ready to improve your mobility experience for health care professionals with Touch?