How do I make my clinical workflows and data entry more mobile?

Our EMR Mobile solution enable you to make workflows mobile and optimise data entry for your clinical staff.

Meet our Touch app, the heart of our EMR mobile workflow solution

Get access to medical information such as clinic agendas, radiology images, laboratory results, procedure registrations and much more on the go.

Data entry is facilitated through intuitively designed forms and written back into existing back-end systems at the hospital or clinic.

Daily administrative tasks become more efficient and less prone to error. User experiences show 10-20% of time saved on patient visits.

All medical information at your fingertips

Medical staff can comfortably navigate medical records on a patient-by-patient basis, using the daily agenda or the ward map (which can be integrated with Apple Indoor Location) showing bed occupancy and patient names. Patient information from all medical systems can be read on a tablet in one interface and is chronologically ordered for an easy walkthrough. Users can apply filters based on information categories. Checking a patient file only takes two minutes.

Adaptable to any medical speciality

Brightfish EMR facilitates existing workflows using forms specifically created for each medical speciality. Our form-based interface is built for easy navigation without a keyboard or mouse: by using checkboxes and autocomplete fields it helps to standardise information entry and improve data collection.

Add and annotate pictures

Tablet technology opens up new ways of recording patient information: from taking photographs to annotating them and adding them to a patient record – all in the blink of an eye. A similar option is available for radiology images that can be paused and then used as a template to draw on and add remarks for future reference.

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